Pricing models depend highly upon the business requirements.  For most cases, these are the common scenarios available:

Basic web site functionality

  • Pages.  Several pages describing the aspects of the business.
  • Events calendar. Announce events on your site.
  • Blog posts.  Publish articles or any information about your business on the site.
  • Self maintainable content.  You can take charge of posting new content.
  • First year of your Support and Maintenance Package is included.
  • $1000 – 2000 depending on complexity.

Online store

  • Searchable product catalog.
  • Online shopping cart and credit card checkout.
  • Contact us for pricing.


  • Custom software development.  Bring a business idea to life from scratch or by improving an existing product.
  • Develop with cutting edge technologies.  Development done in Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Java, Node JS, C#/.NET, or whatever is your preferred technology stack.
  • $60/hr.

Note: Price ranges are not fixed.  These prices represent common scenarios.  Extraordinary requirements may not fit these scenarios.  Contact us for questions on project ideas and pricing.