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My name is Shawn Poulson. I currently reside just outside the Philadelphia and Baltimore metro areas in the growing town of Middletown, Delaware.

I created this web site as an outlet of technical information for myself and others with similar interests. I'm a developer and sysadmin both professionally and as a hobby. I've been fortunate to have participated in a colorful past of computer science since I anxiously received my first home computer at age 8, an Atari 130XE. This genius little computer introduced me to the wide world of programming and how to ring up phone bills calling out of state BBSes. It also got me into the demoscene, which has ever since inspired me to learn and do more.

I've touched on dozens of languages and platforms over the years. With the advent of this web site I plan to focus on useful application development, whatever the target audience may be or platform of use. I want to discuss topics I know and those that I want to know more about. And hopefully, along the way, viewers to the site will learn a thing or two as well.

About Shawn Poulson / Exploding Coder
Software developer and designer

I'm a software developer in the Philadelphia/Baltimore metro area that loves web technology and creating compelling and useful applications. This blog was created to showcase some of my ideas and share my passion and experiences with others in the same field. Read more...

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