Live demos of some simple web tools I developed

As an IT guy, I look to using computers to solve some of my day to day problems. I say computers in plural because I readily use two at home and one at work, and I could also be in the internet cafe near my work. For instance, I store my personal passwords and other sensitive information in Crypt File Manager. It stays secure by encryption in such a way that not even my web host provider can access the data and the password is not stored anywhere on the web server or browser. This solution works great because I can access it wherever I want with only a web browser.

Microsoft event: Heroes Happen Here

Microsoft recently launched a new event in cities across the US to showcase Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Visual Studio 2008 with tracks geared towards developers and admins. The event is free and you get free eval copies of the stuff. So, why the hell wouldn't you want to take a day off and go?

Behold, Exploding Coder now runs Drupal!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shawn Poulson and I am a freelance developer and system administrator. I've studied all things computers and programming since the 80's.

The internet has long been a wealth of information in my field.

And here it is. Drupal was extremely easy to setup and configure. Now, with a decent CMS in place, I plan to write out whatever useful development related material I come across. Feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed to follow my updates.

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